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What is intelligent automation?

At its core, automation executes rules-based, repetitive tasks – but it’s so much more. Today, automation is being combined with data and artificial intelligence to become even more powerful, helping?businesses discover new frontiers. Learn more about the different levels of automation by checking out our automation continuum below.

Automation solutions

Business process automation

IBM Process Automation Services reflects the spectrum of today’s business needs from basic robotic process automation (RPA) to cognitive technologies and analytics.

IT operations and management

Robust automation capabilities to help you run IT better, accelerate innovation and deliver unmatched performance with the power of Watson?.

Application automation

Put your applications on autopilot using IBM Automation with Watson. Find out about services that can help your applications self-heal - predict, prevent and resolve disruptions before they happen.

Automation platform

Automate business operations with an integrated platform of five automation capabilities that help organizations drive virtually all types of automation projects?—?large and small at speed and scale.

Automation software

Automate business tasks with robotic process automation

Manage enterprise content for digital transformation

Design and manage end-to-end workflows

Govern and manage repeatable business rules

Capture data from your business documents

Discover, model, and improve business processes

Automation case studies


With IBM Cloud Automation Services, Sysco has reduced issues on critical incidents by more than 89% in the?last 6 months and automatically resolved more than 1,500 server tickets per month.

PNC Financial Services Group Inc.

PNC automated 50 business processes across multiple lines of business?at the bank and put more than five million automated business rules in production.


IBM helped Medtronic consolidate 50 countries, 20 languages, and thousands of interfaces into a single global database that enabled data harmonization for the company.

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