Drive digital destiny

The pace of change in automotive is accelerating. Markets have evolved from manufacturers and service providers largely defining what types of vehicles to produce and market into entirely new forms focused on driver experience. Consumers, clients and colleagues are becoming active participants rather than passive recipients.

75 percent

of automotive industry executives expect non-traditional industry participants to have a key role in the automotive ecosystem by 2025.1

Solution areas

Connected experiences

Avoid disruption and reinvent experiences with IBM’s deep industry expertise and AI-enabled products.

Elevate your supply chain

Improve your existing systems for greater supply chain visibility, transparency and insights.

Power a smart factory

With IoT and AI, manufacturers have more effective ways to boost factory productivity and product quality.

Who we work with

Local Motors creates new mobility option with self-driving AI vehicle

I had an experience traveling through the Washington D.C. area with my father who is in a wheelchair. I could sense he was nervous about being in a wheelchair in an unfamiliar environment. I knew that I could also do something to provide my father and others like him with a new sense of security while traveling.

—Hugh Palmer, Vice President of Product Management, Local Motors

IBM Technology

Embrace transformative technologies to achieve?next-level efficiency in operations and to drive product and business innovation.


With IBM's?scalable cloud solutions, you can empower customers, deliver connected, engaging experiences, and keep customer data secure.

Artificial intelligence

Build customer loyalty with IBM? Watson??by creating virtual assistants that enhance connected in-car services and deliver personalized experiences.

Internet of Things

Connect drivers and cars with the surrounding environment?to deliver safer, more engaging in-vehicle experiences and gain insights for smarter product development.


IBM Blockchain helps you establish trust with suppliers and partners by reducing fraud, and boosting productivity within a secure digital ecosystem.

Trends and news

Digital Twin technologies for high-performance manufacturing

Find out how digital twin technology creates real-time interactive simulations of work in progress to help manufacturers improve innovation, efficiency and quality.

Drive digital destiny

Automotive firms need to rethink their organizations from the ground up through a process we call Digital Reinvention?.

A new relationship – people and cars in the United States

Consumers are ready for innovation and new mobility options, and their expectations are changing.

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*Source: 1 IBM Institute for Business Value, "Driving digital destiny." September 2017